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Thank you for your choice of MICROMAX. products hit the wind, I would like to thank! In order to facilitate us to provide you with a more satisfactory service, but also better protect your interests. Please fill out a clear and precise manner of the relevant entries to ensure that your legitimate rights and interests.
Quality commitment :
MICROMAX SERVICE has scientific and technological skills "so that our customers always happy," the purpose of providing customers with satisfactory service. Production for the Company's products, the Company or the Company are to provide their agents at all levels, " one year warranty" service. A comprehensive reference to specific regulations issued by relevant departments of the state "S.A IMPEX INTERNATIONAL to replace returned goods repair liability", and after-sales service commitment to the development of this standard.
  within seven days of return, replacement or repair free of charge  
  To the scope of warranty service  
without a valid warranty card and valid certificate of purchase, the product's bar code has been altered, deleted, lost, mobile or other damage.
If expired validity period of more than ONE YEAR .
not "Manual" the contents of the use, maintenance, custody or damage caused by the fault.
not my company after-sales maintenance of maintenance personnel.
dealing with customers and lead to man-made product failure or damage. (Note: If the operational errors, handling damage, bump, improper voltage input, etc.)
the use of pirated software or due to infection caused by failure or damage.
due to force majeure or damage caused by the fault.
  Special Tip:  
MICROMAX SERVICE hit with the sharp wind technology family of products bundled together with the allocation of promotional items and additional services outside the scope of warranty.
  Service Center for your replacement product, will be the original product or service centers corresponding to recover and enjoy ownership.  
  MICROMAX SERVICE has the final power of interpretation of these commitments.  
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